Commission Information

Commission Status: Open

Since I'm not a full-time emote artist, I can only accept commissions when I have the time to work on them. If the commission status is closed, kindly check back later. If you are interested in commissioning me please fill out the Google form below. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on Twitter @DreamsterArt
Since I'm not a full-time emote artist, I only open commissions when I have the time to work on them. Commissions are temporarily closed at this time as I'm working on updating my websites, creating new emote templates, and pre-made emotes. Please check back later for more updates, and thank you for your interest!


Emote by DreamsterArt
Animated Emote: Close-Up/Cropped

The close-up version is optimized for small-scale previews, such as emotes, focusing on the character's face.

Emote by DreamsterArt
Animated Emote: Extended Body/Elements

the full-body version includes more of the character's body (or any other relevant elements), requiring animation of additional parts and details. Typically, the full-body emote is better suited for use in videos, alerts, or any context where it will be displayed on a larger scale.

Animated Emotes:

$ 155
  • 448x448 px GIF file
  • 112x112 px GIF file
  • Cropped/Close-Up version

Animated Emotes

$ 125
  • 448x448 px GIF file
  • 112x112 px GIF file

Static Emotes:

$ 55
  • 448x448 px PNG file
  • 112x112 px PNG file

Animating Your Current Emotes

  1. First, you need to obtain a written permission from the artist that has created your emote, to permit editing and animating the emotes they have made for you.

  2. If you have a PNG file, then the service price is $100. If you have an animation-ready file (a layered PSD or Clip Studio file) then the service price is $60.

  3. Deliverable for animating your current emotes is a GIF file, same size or smaller than the provided image.

Terms of Service

By ordering a service, you understand that:

1. Required Information:
  • You need to provide a character image and necessary references. Rough sketches and doodles will not be accepted.
  • After remitting your payment, you cannot request to change your references.
  • Please follow the Terms of Service! If there are any issues with your order your request may be declined.
  • No copying or tracing of another artist’s work.
  • I can reject your request if I don’t feel comfortable with the order or the proposed subject and/or idea or feel that I cannot deliver the request based on my skillset and abilities.
  • Not all of the details from your character reference can be used in your emotes. Complex elements will be simplified into simpler shapes or might be removed. Overall emotes are meant to look good and distinguishable on a small scale so adding too much details it not really a good idea.
  • If you wish to animate your current emotes, you need to obtain a written permission from the artist that has created your emote to allow editing/animating the emotes they have made for you.
  • Delivery time may vary based on the number of ordered emotes and the complexity of the project.
2. Payments & Fees
  • Full payment is required before I start the commission.
  • There are absolutely no refunds after the payment is processed. Please be sure you are 100% committed before requesting any of my services.
  • All listed prices are in USD.
  • Payment must be made via PayPal. When I’m ready to begin your commission I will send a PayPal invoice to the email address that you provide in the commission request form.
  • If you decide to redo an emote, it will cost the same as ordering a new emote.
  • Alternative versions (for example Christmas or Halloween versions etc.) cost the same as ordering a new commission.
  • If you wish to use your emotes on merchandise or for profit, there is a flat, one time license fee of 100$ per emote. (only applied to the emotes created by me). 
3. License & Copyright
(only applied to emotes created by me)
  • Final delivered materials can be used for non-commercial, personal use of the commissioner only. There is a flat, lifetime license fee of $100 per emote if you would like to use the emotes on your merchandise. 
  • You cannot reproduce, redistribute or resell the deliverables for profit.
  • You can resize the images to fit your need
  • You can use the emotes on any online platform as long as the channel/page belongs to you.
  • You can ask another artist to animate your emotes.
  • The copyright of all commissions belongs to Dreamster Art (the artist).
  • Don’t use the emotes for discrimination, political/religious propaganda, or anything that might harm someone else.
  • Don’t falsify the authorship of the emotes.